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 Cosmo Shine #18 (Bosnia) – A treat for the Tokio Hotel fans

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PostSubject: Cosmo Shine #18 (Bosnia) – A treat for the Tokio Hotel fans   Thu Aug 12 2010, 12:58

Cosmo makes your wishes come true! Find out what kind of boys are our favourite rockers. Cosmo brings you everything about the members of this megapopular rock band - Tokio Hotel.

Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg - über sweet German boys who together make the megapopular band Tokio Hotel, are revealing something about themselves before a gig in New York. Well, Tokio Hotel fans, enjoy.

It must be very exciting to do a show in a huge city like NY. Do you like this city?
Bill & Georg: very much, yes! But we're still in love with Los Angeles, when the sun is really warm and there are huge houses everywhere.

What is the difference between your fans in Europe and your fans in the United States?
Bill: We were all more than surpriced when we first arrived here. We were already popular in Europe but have expected to be treated here from a distance, to go pretty unnoticed. But as soon as we hit the stage the fans started screaming and singing along to all of our songs. So when you have fans like we have, it gives you great power and energy to you gladly share at your concerts. This band wouldn't have survived without that energy, that is logical. However I have to admit it has been quite a shock for us, when we discovered there aren't any differences between our EU and US fans. It was a positive shock, of cource.

Can you remember your first US visit?
Bill: Of cource we can. We were so surpriced that tickets for our shows were selling out so fast. We were all so excited we couldn't believe it, until we hit the stage and there were tons of our fans, screaming and applauding, they came just for us.

Which genre of music has influenced Tokio Hotel in general?
Bill: Every member here has their own thing they listen, their influence. We don't really have a general influence that determined our genre as a band.
Tom: I have influenced them all.
Gustav and Georg: Huh??
Bill: We all listen to different music. Tom used to listen to German hip-hop only, while I listened to all kinds of rock artists, so we can't pick out one artist that influenced us in general. Every member brought a part of their style to the band, although honestly Georg has no style at all.

How did you came up with the name Tokio Hotel?
Tom: This question is connected to our past. First we were called Devilish and it was Bill's idea. This name had no meaning at all. We tried to think of a good, appropriate name for our band, but we were lost in the search. When we signed for our current record company, we changed our name to Tokio Hotel. If you look at our old photos you'll see we were all very different from each other even back then, so our style has always been different from each other.

What is your advice for those who are about to start doing music?
Bill: I don't really like being in a position that allows me to tell someone else how he shuld react, what he should do and stuff. When we were at our starting point, there were so many people that always told us "Do this, do that" and we didn't like it one bit, and we have never taken any advice. Every person needs to listen to themselves and learn from their own mistakes. All I can say is that it's highly important to play your gigs live and just go on the stage and have a great time. Mistakes are important, let's take Georg as an example for that, he still makes about 10-15 mistakes per day. *laugh* Just... do your own thing.

What do you do when you go online?
Tom: I check my e-mail and watch music videos.
Georg: I also watch music videos. Recently I've been in love with Michael Jackson's video for Scream.
Gustav: I love cars, so I usually watch stuff about cars and races.

Tom Info

Name: Tom Kaulitz
Date of birth: Sep. 1st, 1989.
Band role: guitarist
Zodiac: virgo
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 54 kg's
Fave food: pizza, pasta and hamburgers
Fave drink: Red Bill and soda drinks
Fave car brands: Lobster and BMW
Fave artists: Samy Deluxe, Snoop Dogg
Fave classes from school: art, ethics and debate class

Gustav Info

Name: Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer
Date of birth: Sep. 8th, 1988.
Place of birth: Magdeburg, Germany
Band role: drummer
Zodiac: virgo
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 68 mg's
Shoe size: 42 (european sizes, it's pretty small)
Fave food: lazagne, which he can make by himself
Fave drink: Red Bull
Fave band: System of a Down, Slipknot, Metallica
Fave songs: B.Y.O.B. - System of a Down, Sword of Glory - Motorhead
Fave classes from school: Gym class and economics

Georg Info

Name: Georg Moritz Hagen Listing
Date of Birth: March 31st, 1987.
Place of birth: Halle, Germany
Current town: Magdeburg, Germany
Band role: bassist
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 1.78 m
Weight: 72 kg's
Shoe size: 42 (European)
Fave class from school: psychology
Fave drink: Coke and Red Bull
Fave bands: Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Oasis
Fave songs: Don't Phunk with my Heart - B.E.P., Golden - Fall Out Boy, Glamorous - Fergie

Bill Info

Name: Bill Kaulitz
Date of Birth: Sep. 1st, 1989.
Band role: lead singer
Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 1.88 m
Weight: 52 kg's
Fave food: Pizza, hamburgers, all kinds of sweets
Fave drinks: Strawberry shakes and soda drinks
Fave colors: black, red and orange
Fave musicians: Nena, Placebo, Green Day
Fave classes from school: hier müssen Ich lügen... (I have to lie here..)

Maybe you didn't know this....

- Bill only uses a special mic, made only for him. He carries it around with him.
- Album "Zimmer 483" got its name from a little cottage in Spain where the twins wrote the first song for this album.
- The band recorded an album when they were still Devilish, but they couldn't affort to publish it, so they payed in beer and cigarettes for that.
- Tom wrote the lyrics to "Schwarz".
- In march 2008, Bill had to go through an operation of his vocal cords due to a cyst.
- Bill's takes his stuffed bear to tour.
- Tom is a guitar collector and he has over 20 of them.
- Bill speaks German and English.
- Tom speaks German, English and French (note: LOLOL this is hilarious!)
- Bill performed on the German version of American Idol when he was 13, with the song "It's raining Men' by The Weather Girls.
- In school, Bill was always made fun of because of his style.
- The twins' parents divorced when they were only 7 years old. The twins grew up with their mother and stepfather, who was their huge support when growing up and learning to appreciate music.
- Tom is 10 minutes older than Bill.


' Bill . For ever and ever !
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Cosmo Shine #18 (Bosnia) – A treat for the Tokio Hotel fans
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