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 Rockbjörnen 2010

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PostSubject: Rockbjörnen 2010   Tue Jul 06 2010, 00:53

Here we go:
1. Write "Tokio hotel- humanoid city" in the catagory "årets konsert" (concert of the year)
2. Write "Tokio hotel- world behind my wall" in the catagory "årets utländska låt" ...(foreign song of tha year)
3. Press "klar" button
4. Where it says "namn" write your name
5. Where it says "ålder" write your age
6. Pick your gender, M=man K=woman
7. Where it says "mail" write your e-mail
8. Answer the math task in the box (4)
9. Press "skicka" button

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Rockbjörnen 2010
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